Translation and Localization Expertise!

We are a relatively new translation house and eager to establish long term relationships with direct clients. We can offer you accurate translations directed for your needs and fully localized for your market at competitive rates.

Main Languages: Japanese, Chinese, English

We are a specialized team, but we have experienced partners who we work with for other language combinations. Please let us know if your language is not here and we’ll find the linguistic resources you need.

Meet our Lead Translators…

Jenn Barr

Graduated from Sophia University, Japan. Jenn has lived and worked in Japan ever since graduating, giving her a unique insight into its culture and language. She has worked as a professional translator for three years. Jenn’s special interest is medical translations.

Gemma Collinge

Graduated from Sheffield University, UK. Since graduating, Gemma has travelled and worked in several different locations across the globe. She has eight years of localization experience both in-house and freelance under her belt. Gemma’s special interest is entertainment localizations.



At the start of larger projects, a main contact will be assigned who will track the project from initial translation to final product and be available for any questions you may have during the process. Of course, we will assign a project manager with the skills and background most appropriate to the translation being undertaken.




Jenn Barr and Garthe Nelson are the first and only professional foreign players in a Japanese mahjong league. Along with Gemma Collinge, they founded the website ReachMahjong.com, which has gone from strength to strength.


ReachMahjong.com has sponsored and participated in several events in Japan, Macau and Europe. The aim of the site is solely to promote the growth of mahjong outside of Japan, and also to encourage international relationships between mahjong groups in different countries.


Please visit reachmahjong.com for more information.


Jenn Barr and Garthe Nelson are also available for appearances and teaching. Please contact us with your inquiry. [add link to email]





We have published the following mahjong-related literature.


A Riichi Mahjong Study Book (without a clever name)


Written by Jenn Barr and Garthe Nelson, this is the next step for budding mahjong players. This is recommended for young intermediate players. The book has a small section of drills typical in Japanese mahjong teaching, and then moves on to real situations analyzed and discussed by Jenn and Garthe.


This publication is available as an e-book and a hard copy.


Available from these sellers:

[link to amazon site]

[link to mahjong mart]


–Nanimonoda Show


Nanimonoda Show is a live-streaming chat show run on the niconico site, starring Jenn Barr (Yasha Jenn), Garthe Nelson (Bagaasu), Gemma Collinge (Erai Gemma). It is solely in Japanese.


The Nanimonoda Team run a blog and are also available for live shows and appearances. For more information please see the following sites:


[link to Nanimonoda page] In Japanese only.

[link to Nanimonoda blog] In Japanese only.


–Import and Export


The Reach Spirits team has considerable experience in working within Japan and with foreign companies wishing to either import or export with Japanese companies. We can help mediate for you in establishing cooperation or even export goods for your company. With native Japanese and native English speakers at hand, we will ensure that all the proper paperwork is completed and the relevant licenses obtained, making international business that much easier for your company.