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Incorporated in 2013, Reach Spirits is a relatively new company but built on strong foundations of experience in gaming, study abroad, localization (translation/interpreting) and project managemtn. Our team understands the unique benefits and obstacles posed by working within the Japanese business culture. We offer a range of solutions to help your business get the most from your venture in Japan.

We can offer simple consulting services through to business negotiation and even managing operations on your behalf. Our main focus is imports and exports between Japan and Western markets, but please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiry and we will give you our honest assessment.

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Who We Work With


Reach Spirits works with a wide range of businesses on projects such as localization for B2B publications, assistance in running booths at trade shows/expos, translation and interpreting for meetings and events, translation services for video games, websites, patents and contracts, and much more.
Some notable business partners and clients include Inside Asian Gaming, Doraken, World Series of Mahjong, prominent television production agencies in Japan, mahjong tournaments throughout the world and energy drink brands, among others.

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